New Quarantine Facility for Cats and Dogs

Auckland’s newest Quarantine Facility for Dogs and Cats entering New Zealand opened May 2017 and is built to the latest specifications in consultation with MPI. Cat and Dog rooms are generously proportioned and families can be accommodated together. Auckland Quarantine is an MPI approved Transitional Facility for dogs and cats arriving in NZ. The New Zealand Government requires that dogs and cats are quarantined for 10 days on their arrival from any country other than Australia.

There are several things useful to understand for anyone looking for pet transportation to move their pet overseas:

  • Dogs traveling to Australia need Owners declaration of having lived in NZ since birth in New Zealand or since coming to New Zealand from Australia. Dogs from other countries require blood tests before travel.
  • Cats and dogs traveling to UK and Ireland must be micro-chipped and be vaccinated for Rabies at least 21 days before entering UK. (new regs from 1 Jan 2012). For travel to most of Europe a Rabies vaccination is required at least 21 days before flight.

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