KLM from Cargo to Crew

KLM’s dedicated Lost & Found team at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is on a mission to reunite lost items as soon as possible with their legitimate owner. In this video, KLM highlights the important role and this video serves as a reminder of the capabilities which animals have in helping mankind. Historically, KLM plays a unique role in the evolution of the pet relocation and the live animal cargo shipping industry. Animal Transport – a separate department of AIR FRANCE KLM Cargo – is one of KLM’s specialties. KLM was the first airline ever to transport live animals. In 1924, a bull named Nico was flown from Rotterdam to Paris. Today according to company sources, KLM transports more than sixteen thousand dogs and cats around the world each year. Most often noted for their professionalism in safely reuniting precious cargo with their people, this video elevates the reunion process to an entirely new level.

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