Finding New Playmates for Play Dates

Since today’s topic is about moving and ways to meet new furry friends, I thought I would lend my expert advice. I’m Ellie, a Golden Retriever, and do I have a lot of energy and love to play! I have moved around quite a bit with my family as we all greatly enjoy sniffing out new cities in which to call home.

What pet parents might not realize is that moving to a new home may be stressful not only for them but for us too. We tend to get very attached and territorial of our familiar surroundings and routines.  My pet parents always make sure to pack our favorite toys, blankets, and beds and set up our bedroom first. It is important to leave these items accessible because this makes us feel much more at ease in our new environment and feel less stressed.

It is important to make pets feel at ease and as comfortable as possible during the transition to the new location. The acclimation process can take awhile. It is important to get back to a normal routine as quickly as possible. For me, that is getting to go running everyday with my Mom & Dad. Running is my most favorite activity. We never let a day go by without running even right after we move – I always have my leash ready to go!

Unfortunately if I do become stressed due to a new location I cannot just talk to my furry friends back home. Instead, I have to find new ones. Finding new playmates for play dates provides a great way to experience and explore the new area and to make it possible for my pet parents to meet other parents as well. No matter where we have lived I have made some great furry friends. When we lived in Austin, Texas, my best friend Sophie even had a pool! Going to her house for pool party play dates was the best!

Ellie’s Top Tips for Sniffing Out New Friends:

1. Make sure to check out all the local dog parks – make it a special family day outing with your Mom or Dad.

2. Go online and see if there are any local Doggie Meet-up groups in the area. Some meet-ups are breed and size specific. Denver has a Yappy Hour Meet-up where pets and parents socialize and even have cocktails!

3. Start a dog walking group in your new neighborhood – great way to meet people, dogs, sniff out the neighborhood and exercise.

4. Have a pet parent volunteer at a rescue group – they often have doggie social events where you can go along as well. I got to go on my Mom’s annual picnic for the Golden Retriever Rescue group and we played games, had swimming time, and met tons of other cool Goldens like me.

5. Remember your play date “petiquette” and doggie manners when playing with others or going to the park.

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