Hemingway answers pet relocation FAQs

Hemingway answers pet relocation FAQs

FAQs About Life Unleashed’s Services

What do your fees include? Our fees include assistance from start to finish throughout your pet relocation’s process. We take care of arranging the logistics, airline reservations, customs procedures, document review, and provide you with pet travel checklists. We are available pre, during, and post flight whenever you need us or have any questions. Please note that our fee DOES NOT include the price of your pet’s airline ticket.

Does airport pick up and delivery cost extra? Yes. This is not include in our consultation fee because not every pet requires this service. If this is an option you would like to add on we can easily arrange this for you.

How much do airlines charge to ship a pet? The cost to ship a pet depends on a variety of factors. These factors are based on destination, travel crate dimensions, and weight of the pet in its travel crate. Depending on these factors, costs can range from $350.00 to over $2,000.00 to just ship your pet. This does not include the costs associated with customs clearance.

What is the process to obtain a price quote from Life Unleashed?  We require you to first submit our Request a Quote form. We will not provide quotes over the phone. Pet relocation is an intricate and detailed process. Each relocation is different therefore we need time to research each request individually. Each inquiry varies because of pet, weight, travel timeline, import requirements and the country involved. Once we receive your request form we will send you a quote that includes the costs involved with your pet’s move. Our professional pet relocation and travel fees range from $350.00 – $825.00. Our price quotes are free and non-obligatory.