Easy, Healthy DIY Dog Food

What’s for dinner tonight? Do you ever wonder if your dog gets bored from eating the same food for every meal, every day, every year? Now, there is a great way to mix up dinner delights for your dog and offer alternative, healthy, and easy meals made in the slow cooker by simply adding leftovers. Breeder Retriever, a resource to research your favorite dog breeds has created an infographic that many pet parents may find interesting. It’s an easy-fun guide to creating dog food in the slow cooker with whatever is leftover in your fridge. By following the proper nutritional guidelines you can turn your fridge into the ultimate doggie bag! This also offers a helpful solution to meal time planning when traveling or overseas. Sometimes your pet’s regular food and brand may not be readily or consistently available. This way you know for certain where your pet’s food is coming from and is of freshest and healthiest ingredients.

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