Comparing Pets to Peanuts

I just came across an interesting article regarding in-cabin air travel for pets. Air Canada has come under fire in the February issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal for allowing pets to travel during a flight in the cabin. Currently, like many other airlines, Air Canada allows small pets to travel in the aircraft cabin and under the seat.

An article in the well-respected Canadian Medical Journal suggests that airlines should ban pets from flying with passengers in the cabin. Medical experts consider pets to be an “allergic hazard” exposing people that have pet allergies to unnecessary risk. Some equate this “hazard” as being similar to people that suffer from peanut allergies. As a result some airlines have stopped serving peanuts. Now, there is a push to ban in-cabin pets!

Certain doctors feel that new legislation needs to be introduced to the Canadian Transport Agency to safeguard these passengers suffering from pet allergies. Experts claim that research suggests one in ten people suffer from animal allergies. Previous studies have indicated that pet allergen is present on the seats of both domestic and international flights sparking more concern.

Some feel that airlines need to put the well being of all human passengers above those of pets and if not, be forced to comply.  As cited in the Canadian article, ” Pets can be accommodated comfortably and safely in airplane cargo holds, which is where they belong,” said the authors.

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