Clearing Your Pet Through Customs

When traveling internationally, clearance of your pet through customs is a critical component to a successful relocation. Depending on which airport or country is your destination some require fees, specific paperwork, a copy of the owner’s passport, and the hiring of a custom’s broker. Additionally, some airlines no longer will pre-clear your pet before pick-up and therefore it is up to you or your relocation company to make prior arrangements. Arrival into Denver International Airport does not require a customs broker however the US Border and Inspection facility is no longer near the airport premises. In order to clear customs in Denver you must provide the following and present it to the customs agent.

For example, when arriving into Denver, Colorado USA in order to clear customs you or your agent will need the following copies of these documents provided in advance of a flight’s arrival for customs. It is a good idea to pre-clear a pet in case there are any airline delays and to make sure the clearance is done during office hours.

For each shipment or pet you will need the following:

(1) Copy of the Air Way Bill

(2) Copy of each pet’s health/shot/vaccine/microchip and rabies record

(3) Official Health Certificate for each pet issued by the country of export


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