Checklist to Prepare Your Pet

Even though airlines differ in their requirements, this is a very helpful outline and checklist prepared by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. However, make sure to check with your own airline’s specific rules, regulations, and required procedures prior to traveling with your pet. It is important to realize that not all airlines are alike.


This is the checklist to prepare your pet when flying on KLM.  When checking in your pet at the airport, they will use a checklist to make sure that your pet is fit to fly.

Travel arrangements:

  • Be sure to arrange vaccinations, travel documents and other important matters well in advance. Contact the local embassy of your destination country for precise requirements. Remember that some countries have strict quarantine regulations.
  • Secure a label to the side of the kennel stating the animal’s name and feeding instructions.
  • Allow five days for your pet to get used to its kennel before the flight.
  • Do not allow your pet to drink for 4 hours before departure. Do not feed your pet for 4 hours before departure.
  • We strongly advise you not to tranquillize your pet.

KLM Pet Checklist Kennel:

  • Dog/cat must be able to stand with head fully erect (without touching the roof), turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Kennel must be made of rigid plastic with a built-in metal door. (Wooden kennels and kennels with plastic doors are not permitted.)
  • The kennel must have two empty dishes attached, or a single dish with 2 compartments for food and water.
  • The kennel must have a blanket, newspaper or other absorbent material on floor. Straw is prohibited.
  • The kennel must have at least one ‘Live Animal’ sticker and two ‘Arrow Up’ stickers attached to the exterior. KLM will provide these if necessary.
  • The door lock must be secure, but no padlocks may be used. Door hinges and locking pins must extend beyond the horizontal extrusions above and below the opening by at least 1.6 cm (0.62 in).
  • Wheels must be removed or taped.

Age/quantity: Your dog or cat must be at least 10 weeks old. Each pet must travel in its own kennel. However, if 2 cats or 2 dogs of the same size each weigh max. 9 kg (20 lbs), then these 2 pets may travel in 1 kennel. Pups or kittens younger than 4 months may travel in the same kennel as their mother.


  • Your pet’s passport or health certificate must be in English. We strongly recommend attaching copies to the kennel. Make sure to bring the original documents with you when you check in.
  • The kennel must have a tag with the passenger’s name, address, and phone number attached.
  • A label must be attached to the side of the kennel stating the animal’s name.

Physical condition: Your pet must not appear to be physically distressed, injured or tranquillized. The pet may not wear a leash or muzzle, nor may these be left in the kennel.

SOURCE: The above information is courtesy of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

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