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From Dubai to Denver

Bella and Chianti arrived safely into the mile high city of Denver after a flight from Dubai. Their flight routing first took them through Chicago where they cleared customs. In order to get back into the United States there were a few pre-requisites before departing Dubai. Each pet needed to have its set of current vaccination records, a health certificate from the UAE Ministry of Environment & Water (MOEW), and to be examined and cleared for screwworms, be free from any infectious disease, and fit for travel. These documents must be signed by a veterinarian attesting to their accuracy and validity.

After spending a few years in Dubai, Bella and Chianti return home to the United States. However, this is not always the case for all animals traveling. If you are traveling round-trip with your pet and plan to return to Dubai you may opt prior to departure to pre-arrange for UAE’s Re-Entry card which lessens the import requirements. This card enables you not to have to arrange for a permit to re-enter the UAE. In general, to be eligible for a UAE card, your pet must already be residing in the UAE, your pet’s rabies vaccination must be at least 30 days old and no older than 12 months. In addition, your pet’s rabies vaccination must be valid the entire period during which you are out of the UAE and most important to note is that the UAE Ministry Veterinarians do not recognize the 3-year rabies vaccinations for the purpose of the re-entry card.


Perla’s Trip to the United Kingdom

Perla moves to England

Perla moves to England

Perla is now happily and safely reunited with her family in the United Kingdom. She arrived yesterday on a British Airways flight originating from Denver, Colorado USA. It was ideal that she could fly on a direct flight. When possible, it is best to avoid connections or layovers when shipping a pet. Perla’s relocation went smoothly and Perla appears to be settling in nicely.

There is much planning required for your pet when relocating to the United Kingdom. For Perla to move to England she had to be microchipped, vaccinated against rabies (the rabies vaccination must not be less than 21 days prior to the date of departure), receive a health certificate endorsed by the USDA, and complete a customs C5 form prior to arrival. Dogs must be treated with a tapeworm treatment containing Praziquantel as an active ingredient.

“Best. Day. Ever! Perla is very happy and healthy! She hid for a bit but then spent the evening cuddling and playing.  She’s eaten, had plenty of water, and has used the loo! Thanks to you guys this has been relatively painless and stress free! Thanks for everything!! We are all so happy!”

Gus’ Heart of Gold


Credit: Courtesy Gus Kenworthy

Slopestyle skiing silver medalist Gus Kenworthy is a true winner by showcasing not only his talent but his compassion during these Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Kewnworthy has brought worldwide awareness to the stray dog issue in Russia. Sochi is playing host to not only a spectacular Winter Olympics but host to thousands of stray dogs. In Sochi’s case, many claim that most dogs were left behind and abandoned by the construction workers that came to build the Olympic infrastructures. Historically, the issue of Moscow’s feral dogs was first mentioned by late 19th century journalists. According to biologists who study the feral dog problem it is estimated that the homeless dog population in Moscow is around 35,000 or approximately one dog for every 300 people. In Sochi the more than 2000 strays slated to be euthanized were saved by Russian billionaire and dog lover Oleg Derpaska. He built his own “Olympic Village” of sorts – a shelter outside the city to house the strays. Derpaska is a gold medal winner in the hearts of these dogs for giving them a second chance at life.

As adorable as these pups are it is important to stay mindful of their temperament and socialization skills. In some instances these dogs have bitten people and others tend toward feral and protective tendencies. As Kenworthy is a fellow Coloradan based in Telluride and Life Unleashed is a Denver based pet relocation company – we decided to reach out. As pet relocation specialists we have offered our services for free if Kenworthy finds himself in need. Arranging the exportation of these pups is not as easy as one would think. Often, an international relocation process can take weeks due to the paperwork and necessary health documentations required for both exporting and importing into a separate country.

What a great cause to champion and raise support and knowledge surrounding this sad predicament for the homeless dogs. Everyone’s cheering that these dogs will all become top dogs! What an example of true Olympic Spirit on the slopes and off.