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The Reason We Chose Paws Ahoy for Our Blog Title

What’s in a name? Why call our blog “Paws Ahoy” you may ask?  The term “ahoy” often first brings to mind a nautical word describing a greeting between ships or crew members. By definition, “ahoy” is used to hail a ship or attract attention. In fact, Alexander Graham Bell suggested ahoy as the way to answer his new telephone and operators at the first exchange did just that. It is for this secondary meaning that we have decided on the word choice of ahoy to be included in our blog’s name.

According to sources, the actual etymology is based on hoy, an even older cry dating from medieval times, a formalized spelling of a natural or inarticulate cry. The first person known to have written it down was William Langland, in his poem “Piers Plowman”, in the fourteenth century. It was used when you wanted to attract a person’s attention. It is our goal and purpose to attract the attention of all dogs and their pet parents to our informative dog centric blog.