Car Travel Safety Tips for Your Pet

The upcoming Memorial Day Weekend is a good time to think about summer pet travel safety before your next road trip. It is most important to remember never leave a pet unattended in any vehicle – not even for a quick errand. Experts claim that a vehicle can reach 120 degrees in just a matter of minutes whether the car is parked in sun or shade. This puts pets at such a risk of heat stroke due to their inability to perspire as humans do. It is also recommended that each pet should have access to water at all times in a vehicle. Even ice cubes work well to help pets avoid dehydration.


According to the Automobile Association of America, unrestrained pets in a vehicle are considered the third worst distraction to drivers. Safety harnesses, booster seats, and barriers between the seats are all excellent ways of preventing unwanted accidents. For those of you who have pets that love to hang head out the window – Doggles are the perfect way to prevent any eye injury caused from road debris as well as offering your pet’s eyes additional UV protection.

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