Bring Your Dog to Work Everyday

Everyday is ‘bring your dog to work day’ for employees at Crutchfield Corporation’s Charlottesville, Virginia headquarters. At electronics giant Crutchfield’s corporate headquarters, every day is a dog’s day because of the company’s unique way of making the workplace feel like home. Bringing your dog to work is the norm at Crutchfield. A “ruff” day at the office takes on a whole new meaning when your furry companion is right by your side. Bringing your dog to work is the norm at Crutchfield corporate headquarters. “We love our employees and we have, we do everything we can to make this a wonderful place to work,” says Owner and CEO Bill Crutchfield.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, businesses that allow dogs in the workplace appeal more to millennials who are looking for a fun and relaxed atmosphere to work, according to a study by SKOUT. Fifty-eight percent of workers under age 30 said that allowing dogs in the workplace makes it a “cool” place to work. Not only do dogs create a fun work environment, but the study also shows that 43 percent of those surveyed say that dogs make employees more productive.

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