Aloha from LAX to HNL








Great news for pets bound for the Hawaiian Islands. This new cargo service is available from Los Angeles (LAX) to Hawaii. Aloha’s unique service moves live animals with the utmost priority and care for transport of your live animals throughout the Islands of Hawaii. According to AlohaAir Cargo, “it doesn’t matter if you’re shipping dogs, cats, tropical fish, pigs, llamas or even a water buffalo. If they can safely and comfortably fit in our planes, consider them our personal VIPs (very important pets) to fly first class all they way to their island destination.”

Aloha Air Cargo has provided live animal and pet shipping for several years in the State of Hawaii. Our services are convenient and open to Hawaii pet owners (relocating or vacationing), breeders, hobbyists, zoos, rescue organizations, and dog show participants.

Your pet will receive royal VIP (Very Important Pet) treatment as Aloha’s valued guests from the time they arrive at the cargo facility to the time they are picked up at destination. The airline prides themselves on taking extra care of your animals and you can be assured it will be first class all the way.

Airport to airport service is available for shippers that drop-off their own animal at the airport and have the receiver pick up at the destination airport. Before being loaded and after arrival, your pet will be kept safe and comfortable in a shaded, covered, well-ventilated area.

For more information on this service please check out AlohaAir’s website.


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