Certificate of Acclimation

Cold Weather Restrictions:

During the winter months, restrictions apply as to whether or not your pet will be able to travel in the cargo section of the aircraft. Although the rules vary slightly with the different airlines the following guidelines are generally used.

On most airlines pet are not accepted for transport in the cargo section when the ground temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit at any location on the itinerary. When temperatures fall below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, pets MAY NOT be checked even with a statement of low temperature acclimation.

Information on Acclimation Certificate:

How to Get an Acclimation Certificate

The restriction for cold temperature restriction may be waived with a written veterinarian statement. The low temperature acclimation certificate/statement/form must include the following:

  • Name and address of the passenger
  • Name of the animal
  • Name and signature of licensed veterinarian
  • Veterinarian's accreditation date and number
  • Temperature which the animal is acclimated

Federal regulations specify that dogs and cats must not be exposed to ambient temperatures that fall below 45 F for more than four consecutive hours while in animal holding areas of airport terminals. The regulations also limit exposure to temperatures lower than 45 F to 45 minutes while transferring the animal between the aircraft and the animal holding area.

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